Sunday, 14 March 2010

new videos

Youtube have been changing their site again so the new video is showing Sagittarius,but of course all the signs are there. Boy was it windy this time! But I think the wind noise drowned out the aeroplane noise!

I have decided to write the daily for Saturday as a double entry to include Saturday and Sunday, and this is slightly longer than just the single daily.

I am remaining very busy and it's great to get feedback from people weeks later, keeping me posted after they have had a reading about how certain things are turning out. It's a big deal to have an astrologer look at your chart and something that you want to consider carefully. The good news is that nobody has ever regretted it, at least when I have done a reading or consultation, which is as it should be. Be aware of scams on the internet and make sure you can check the credentials of who is doing your reading.

I am proud that I am a Fellow of the Association of Professional Astrologers International, which only accepts fully qualified astrologers.

When is a good time to get a reading? Anytime!