Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Mars and scary Pluto

I read today that Britain is becoming like America with its violence and gang culture. Not good. Mars opposes Pluto and that violence is buried deep. The psyche is in pain and wounded people and animals thrash out.

So what to do? We cannot change the world but we can change ourselves. Those who have an interest in astrology are unlike, I am supposing, to be not also interested in beating up their fellow person. But putting aside what is going on in a negative way around the globe, let us just think about the perfect and natural and good.

Venus is coming to the end of Cancer - it's like girls in the kitchen baking cakes and good things to feed the bellies. That's me for now: I am gathering fruits from the hedgerows and making jams like mad. Yesterday I found a branch that had broken off from the tree by the sheer weight of damsons on it. Now I have run out of jam jars.

By the way if anyone out there would like me to send a pot of home made jam just email me at anna@annabelburton.com.

Monday, 17 August 2009

oooh colour!

I am now making a bag to go with the corsage for this do I have in a couple of weeks. I have found some more old buttons and stuff and this is the work in progress. Also love the colours of the victoria plums with the little deep purple damsons I collected earlier this week.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


Today I have been working with beautiful fabrics from my stash to create a corsage. I have a wedding to go to and wanted something to brighten up a fairly simple dress so am pleased with the results! And now I am making an evening bag to go with it, using a few bits of vintage as well.

This afternoon, a dragon fly flew into the house. I have never had the chance to see one up close and they are incredible. Its body had turquoise markings and its eyes were like looking into a hologram. We managed to trap it in a jam jar and set it free. It was huge; its body about 5 inches long.

Today I had an Italian lunch with some good friends. Starting in the Autumn I will be putting on workshops in the room upstairs in the restaurant with the wonderful Olivia Stefanino Be your own Guru. Watch this space, especially if you can get to Chester! would be great to see you!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

harvest time

It's been a blissful day, warm sun, bees and butterflies and combine harvesters. And I have filled in my tax return!

Went blackberrying and made pots of jam and a crumble. And a ring cushion for a friend's wedding. No wonder I'm tired!
It's amazing how many hours can get lost in making stuff.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

work in progress

this is an ongoing blanket, soon to be completed. My last one sold on ebay and another one has been requested. This is a very slow occupation, which is an odd thing to do for a Gemini, and yet it teaches patience, some thing I have to work on. I like the contrast with a fast moving environment and living in a world of sound bites and quick glimpses of bits and pieces of life. Gone are the days where Japanese craftsmen spent years honing skills in making swords, and people spent a lifetime building a cathedral. Maybe I am trying to put the brakes on a bit as we go hurtling through space.

I am in the process of growing a tiny cucumber at last, although the aubergines are disappointing. But then this climate is hardly Mediteranean. Ah well, trial and error.