Wednesday, 5 August 2009

work in progress

this is an ongoing blanket, soon to be completed. My last one sold on ebay and another one has been requested. This is a very slow occupation, which is an odd thing to do for a Gemini, and yet it teaches patience, some thing I have to work on. I like the contrast with a fast moving environment and living in a world of sound bites and quick glimpses of bits and pieces of life. Gone are the days where Japanese craftsmen spent years honing skills in making swords, and people spent a lifetime building a cathedral. Maybe I am trying to put the brakes on a bit as we go hurtling through space.

I am in the process of growing a tiny cucumber at last, although the aubergines are disappointing. But then this climate is hardly Mediteranean. Ah well, trial and error.


  1. Well, I'm a Gemini too (I ordered you a 12-month forecast some time ago XD) and I'm quite patient. But I must admit, I have a lack of continuity, because I have fun with so many things, but also work too much, have a kid and have little time for myself.

    Nice blanket :)