Friday, 31 July 2009

a little bit of sunshine

It's turning out to be a mixed bag of a season and today for a brief spell, the sun is shining. I have planted out some more peas having reaped all the pods from the last couple of plants. I am amazed at the speed the runner beans are growing - they are true sprinters (or runners!) and when your back is turned, whoosh, there they are!

I cooked some of these up with new potatoes and served with tuna, boiled egg and assorted leaves to make a good healthy supper last night.

Listened to the radio about new ways of learning - now that we are all becoming familiar with bits of information (facebook, twitter etc) and sharing it, it seems the heirarchy of learning is breaking down and it is becoming much more organic and democratic. More signs of the Aquarian influence I think, and a perfect manifestation of Jupiter (global village, cross culture and media) in Aquarius.

Sun spot activity is non existing which coincides with our current economic down turn apparently.

Just found this delicious site at rocket gardens where you can order your very own instant garden kit, all organic and suitable for little growing areas, and big ones too. I am becoming a bit obsessive about growing my own!

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