Wednesday, 22 July 2009

fun trips

I am off to Devon at the weekend, and it seems everyone else is as there's no room at the inn so settled for B and B instead. We will have to lug around a load of greasy car parts as this is the reason for going, but the added benefit is that it is the most fabulous part of England and I am spoilt for choice where we can visit in a few hours but fancy Dartmouth and a bit of Dartmoor would be good. Video scopes will come from this part of the world, weather permitting.

I have finished my blanket too so that will go up on ebay soon. It's weird, I finish one and can't wait to start others. I used to be the same about painting pictures. Maybe it's because I have such a massive stash of wool.

Poor Dearest Daughter has gone down with swine flu, although this thing appears to be a walk in the park for some and a living hell for others. Who knows how we will all be afflicted.

Astrologically the Jupiter/ Neptune conjunction is the link. Jupiter makes things massive and Neptune symbolises viruses and the strange way they morph and know us out. These two are in Aquarius and the same point was hit by Uranus back in 1918.

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