Tuesday, 7 July 2009

holiday snaps

I was trying to sort out all my bits of stuff on the computer - it's such a muddle and like the kitchen drawer, full of odd bits of junk, which are probably not necessary but interesting. Like I have packet of hollyhock seeds which are fabulous flowers but perhaps too big for the space I've got.

Last year we went to Bellagio on Lake Garda, which happened to be the reward for some PR work I had done with a holiday company (nice). The pics are like a tour of eating and drinking stops and I took them on my li'l ole motorola, so not too bad considering. Be nice to go back.

But we are planning a day out in Wales on Thursday. Not quite the same, but if the rain stops then it will be lovely to be by the sea, to watch the seagulls, pick up smooth pebbles and walk on the beach.

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