Wednesday, 28 October 2009

inner visions

I was talking to somebody yesterday who looks after phone lines for tarot, psychic and astrology readers. He was saying that now most people are searching for a psychic reading which includes tarot, rather than astrology. I think astrology, for a long time, has been haunted by those rational scientific types who demand proof and explanations of how it works, and astrology, wanting to be accepted by the so called main stream has struggled to fit itself into the scientific paradigm. It's a bit like putting a quart into a pint pot.

Today I listened to an interview about Carl Jung, the so called father of modern psychology and this man explored his inner world of dreams, fantasies, symbolism and his soul. Sadly in out rational society many of us have lost contact with that essential side of our selves. Here there is a richness and abundance of wisdom and intuition that can be tapped and explored. I think astrology and Tarot do this, and of course the psyche is what this is about.

I am exploring these other methods of delving under the surface, or should I say returning to this, since this has been part of my life since I can remember and I have had countless extraordinary experiences that simply cannot be explained. Perhaps now is the time share them x

Monday, 26 October 2009

what's happening?

Many people have said what strange times we are living in at the moment, and I'm aware that I haven't blogged for a while. Distractions mean that my focus has been elsewhere and exploring all sorts of possibilities. A friend of mine is experiencing a growth in her business and finding that much gets more. A news item on the BBC today showed that all you can eat buffets are booming! so much for lean times and hardships!

I am discovering the huge amount of food available just now from excesses (yes, chestnuts are falling form trees and being swept away as garbage until I came along and gathered some up and made a wonderful vegetarian burger with tofu and sprouted mung beans)

so what's happening? Saturn is moving out of Virgo and into Libra and we can use our natural creativity to find solutions to problems. Cooperation and sharing of resources means that everyone benefits.

I had an intriguing link to a past life this weekend, which has helped me understand some things. Astrology is the key.

Friday, 9 October 2009

problems and solutions

Today, because of the abundance of sweetcorn at this time of the year, I have been forced to try different ways of having corn rather than on the cob. A response to a situation that in this case, comes from my veg box.

Sometimes we are handed certain circumstances which can be a blessing in disguise although they don't appear to be. I know of several people who have recently taken voluntary redundancy due to the credit crunch,d and this has been the starting point for a whole new adventure. This morning I hear how Ellen Macarthur saved her dinner money to buy her first boat. Even a child with no pocket money found a way to fund her dream. This is hugely hopeful for the rest of us.

Whatever our circumstances we have within us the power to change them for the better, if we wish. And sometimes it takes a massive leap out of your comfort zone to do it. My own choices are often made after a special dream, as well as seeing what the astrological picture is too. It's not always down to what is logical, financial and sensible.

I love the Archers on the radio and for those who follow this, Peggy is faced with the prospect of having to sell the village shop as it's not making enough money, and yet provides employment and a valuable service to the village. You make think I have finally lost it, and yet I live in a little village with a wonderfully stocked village shop. I hope they are making money and I certainly use it for buying the essentials when I run out. Personally, it's worth it to keep these small establishments going rather than selling your soul to the massive multinationals.

For those who support human size endeavours and the sense that you are helping your local community, then please do what you can to keep these little businesses going, for all our sakes.

meanwhile, the soup is smelling good!

Friday, 2 October 2009

mercurial world

Thought I would check out where Mercury is today (22 degrees in Virgo sextiling Mars in Cancer). Today the London Evening Standard is going to be FREE. I have never read this paper but understand, as the editor has just said that Londoners are by and large a sophisticated lot and enjoy their 'proper' newspaper, rather than the usual slightly downmarket freebies. But of course, it will only be free to readers since they will then have to go through loads of advertising to get to the bits of news and the newspaper itself will have a rather good revenue stream. Wonder if others will follow suit?

A bit like websites really. We decided from the start that we wouldn't have banner ads, and other stuff that websites are jammed with now, and we have borne the cost of running and her sister sites for over a decade, so it is always with gratitude that I get orders from people for readings, forecasts etc. This ensures that the hosting costs are paid and the website pays for itself. Sad but necessary in these times. And of course the dailies, and monthlies are here too. I have to be a bit passionate about what I am doing and I KNOW there are many people out there who do love my services. So it was great to get the following this week: 'Thank you Annabel for the answer to my question. I have listened to it 3 times now today and am hearing more with every go....I became instantly so very glad that I wrote to you, because it just hit the spot- you understand so well and your entire message was really taken to

So what about Mercury? Well this planet symbolises the written word, information, newspapers and commerce - all rather integral I would say, although Jupiter usually refers to publishing (as in bigger books that have more permanence). Linking to Mars? Bringing it all home, tribal family gatherings, activity, linking to the past.