Friday, 9 October 2009

problems and solutions

Today, because of the abundance of sweetcorn at this time of the year, I have been forced to try different ways of having corn rather than on the cob. A response to a situation that in this case, comes from my veg box.

Sometimes we are handed certain circumstances which can be a blessing in disguise although they don't appear to be. I know of several people who have recently taken voluntary redundancy due to the credit crunch,d and this has been the starting point for a whole new adventure. This morning I hear how Ellen Macarthur saved her dinner money to buy her first boat. Even a child with no pocket money found a way to fund her dream. This is hugely hopeful for the rest of us.

Whatever our circumstances we have within us the power to change them for the better, if we wish. And sometimes it takes a massive leap out of your comfort zone to do it. My own choices are often made after a special dream, as well as seeing what the astrological picture is too. It's not always down to what is logical, financial and sensible.

I love the Archers on the radio and for those who follow this, Peggy is faced with the prospect of having to sell the village shop as it's not making enough money, and yet provides employment and a valuable service to the village. You make think I have finally lost it, and yet I live in a little village with a wonderfully stocked village shop. I hope they are making money and I certainly use it for buying the essentials when I run out. Personally, it's worth it to keep these small establishments going rather than selling your soul to the massive multinationals.

For those who support human size endeavours and the sense that you are helping your local community, then please do what you can to keep these little businesses going, for all our sakes.

meanwhile, the soup is smelling good!


  1. In Spanish we say "no hay mal que por bien no venga", and the translation I've found in English would be "every cloud has a silver lining". The point is that we can get something good out of difficult situations, we are forced to find new ways, to be more creative. We must renew ourselves and look for other points of view. We cannot stagnate, so we must grow.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Very true - thanks for your comment!

  3. It was funny to read the Gemini horoscope for today: "Travel and expansion are key today." Well, I'm flying to Spain in a few hours :)

    Have a nice week!