Sunday, 16 August 2009


Today I have been working with beautiful fabrics from my stash to create a corsage. I have a wedding to go to and wanted something to brighten up a fairly simple dress so am pleased with the results! And now I am making an evening bag to go with it, using a few bits of vintage as well.

This afternoon, a dragon fly flew into the house. I have never had the chance to see one up close and they are incredible. Its body had turquoise markings and its eyes were like looking into a hologram. We managed to trap it in a jam jar and set it free. It was huge; its body about 5 inches long.

Today I had an Italian lunch with some good friends. Starting in the Autumn I will be putting on workshops in the room upstairs in the restaurant with the wonderful Olivia Stefanino Be your own Guru. Watch this space, especially if you can get to Chester! would be great to see you!


  1. It's funny that you talk about a dragonfly, because I had the opportunity to see some yesterday while we were sunbathing near a sort of artifical lake. I could make some nice photos close enough to see more details in the photograph as in the reality. They are really wonderful and seem to be quite clever.

  2. yes indeed - it's a kind of alien intelligence and how brilliant to be able to take pictures! I was so amazed, I forgot to do the same!