Tuesday, 8 September 2009

five hours doing the same thing

This is unheard of for me and probably for you (this excludes what you would do in a day job, which may of course be more than five hours doing the same thing).

But supposing you had uninterrupted time and nowhere to be, how would you use that five hours?

I just received an email from a fabulous life coach called Annabel Sutton, and she told me about a workshop she has just been on. The initial task is to be somebody that you are not usually, so if you are naturally shy and retiring, you get to be outgoing and chatty; maybe you are exactly that, then in this workshop you stay back a little, and let others take the stage.

It strikes me that this is a great idea and one we could encompass on a regular basis. hence the importance of me spending five whole hours doing just one thing (my attention span is usually 20 minutes max).

Astrology is about creating and being creative and that means experimenting to a certain extent, to get in touch with who you really are. This completely knocks on the head the preconceptions about age (like you are too old for this or that, or even too young!) the best time to do stuff is probably now and most things you do not have to ask permission (unless you are a little kid, in which case you wouldn't be reading this blog).

And since this is getting way too word here is a picture of my latest blanket


  1. It sounds like a very interesting experiment... Now I'd like to play the role of a person who has a lot of time XD

    A colourful blanket for cold, rainy days. That's perfect :)

  2. Sounds good! Doing nothing for 10 minutes when you have loads to do is a great way of prioritising what is really important