Sunday, 31 January 2010


Although yesterday was glorious with a beautiful clear blue sky and it being a Saturday, unfortunately my other half, Simon, who does the filming for the videos, managed to delete some important files off the computer. He spent a frustrating few hours downloading software to try and retrieve said important stuff and was unable to. Fortunately, Monday's film was still on the camera so we didn't have to do it again but it made me realise how hazardous this is! We must be mad! The weather had been really too grim to go out and film until yesterday and while we end up with a 10 minute long film for youtube, most of that time is spent waiting for the noisy aircraft to get out of the sky!

Screeches from buzzards and sparrow hawks, the tinkling of a stream or the rush of wind or dogs barking is fine, but aeroplanes are a big no no!

Right from the start, we had the view that astrology is so all encompassing, it seems somehow a little contrived to do the horoscopes from a nice safe studio space with no connection to the world outside, so we have a deliberate policy to include the elements and the seasons, and so give people around the world the experience of our neck of the woods. Sadly the disconnect from the real natural world is a little thin for many, so this is our way of giving it back to people again. Maybe the actual horoscopes then become kind of incidental.

And now he has been out again first thing doing more filming to replace that which was lost. It's a labour of love. But the results are great!

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