Wednesday, 18 November 2009

what's happeneing?

Jessica Murray

Recently I was asked to a short overview for 2010 for a magazine, and I looked at the transits of both Saturn and Jupiter, specifically. Just plotting where these two planets will be gives a great insight into our experience. Saturn through Virgo corresponded with the credit crunch and global recession, and brought a kind of mindfullness about frugality, make do and mend and taking care of health issues. Recently there have been debates on swine flu, care of older people etc. Virgo is concerned with these matters and also, being ruled by Mercury, communication, research and so forth. Excess and waste is not what Virgo is about and Saturn restricts and restrains even further.

So 2010 is likely to bring its own challenges and the summer months could be quite dramatic. For in depth views regarding this, it's worth checking out Jessica Murray's writings, as above.

Meanwhile I am staring out the window at an impossibly wet and dreary day. Typical November!