Wednesday, 4 November 2009

going back to the beginning

I was lucky to grow up in the country side, and I could play in the woods and down by the river, which indeed I did. I can't remember being told what I couldn't do which gave me a pretty amazing freedom, probably not available to kids these days. In such a background, there was a seamless link to my world and the world of Grimm's fairytales and strange woodland tales of elves and the secret elementals who live in these places.
It may comes as no surprise then that one of my memories was waking up in bed at night (I must have been about 6) and there, at the bottom of my bed was a strange glow of light, bright enough to illuminate the paisley pattern on my eiderdown but not enough to fill the room with light. In the midst of this danced 5 or 6 transparent, gossamer like fairy creatures, hovering about six inches above the bed. I watched in amazement for several minutes, making sure I was wide awake. I closed and opened my eyes again and they were still there.

I told my mother of this spectacle and she wasn't surprised at all and totally accepting. I have never doubted it myself, but was loathe to share the experience with too many people. Until now. Neptune has just turned direct so perhaps more revelations to come.


  1. Really nice of your mother. I've never had such an experience, but it must be wonderful. Forests and nature are magical.

  2. yes, I think she drew on her own childhood which was similar - the idea is to learn through your own experience and mistakes, not what someone tells you, although she was a stickler for good manners and respect.