Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Aftermath

My daughter calls it 'beige food' and it's the stuff that comes from Iceland (supermarket) and eating too much of it leaves you in a kind of lethargic stupor. Added to that, there is a fair amount of wine flowing and continuous munching on chocolate, crisps and even a cold sprout or too. 2 days on a diet like this and I am less energetic, very wound down, and not particularly motivated to do too much. Yes, it's like a holiday!

Christmas was joyful and probably the least stressed ever since the present buying bit has gone minimalist by mutual consent. Weeks off making stuff has paid off and my family are delighted with their scarves, wall hangings, jewellery etc. (at least they appeared to be!).

Since my kids are all grown up it's a joy to spend Christmas night with no TV, but reminiscing about daft episodes of their growing up years, and then to put the world to rights, finishing off with hilarious episodes Vic Reeves from youtube.
Let's make the season of joy and goodwill last a bit longer than Boxing day.


  1. You had a nice Christmas then! :)

    I wish you a happy New Year!

  2. thank you and the same to you too