Friday, 11 December 2009

a day to myself

and I have never been so busy. Wrote a list and ticked things off. Usually I don't need to write a list but I have lots of things I needed to complete for Christmas. My extravagance has been Italian plums which I have made into jam (since I am giving mine away for Christmas).

Loved finishing off a machine embroidered picture for my youngest, and now I may have time time to dip into Carl Jung, metaphorically speaking (he is big on metaphors and symbols). I dreamed I lived in a building that used to be a shop, but now cleared out with nothing in it. Gradually, people came along to offer their help, just little bits at a time, and I survived. Just. When I woke up I had the wherewithal to make a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea, and I had a cat. How nice.

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